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I wish I was able to leave ZERO stars instead of the default one star.He showed us around a rental house back in February of this year (2013).

The house was in pretty bad shape, but the price was good and he went around pointing out everything that he was going to make sure to have fixed by the time we move in. He promised us a dishwasher that we NEVER got, yet he charged us more for our security and monthly rent for the dishwasher. Various handymen came and went and they all said that there is NO way a dishwasher could be installed because the cabinets aren't built right for a dishwasher. Jack Watts kept insisting that he could get one put in, meanwhile he kept charging us extra every month for the dishwasher we didn't have until I told him we don't want a dishwasher anymore and we want to stop paying the one we don't have.

Even then he still kept insisting on it. He also promised us new closet doors, which we never got either. Some rooms didn't have any closet doors, and the ones that did had damaged ones. The tub in the bathroom was extremely poorly put together and he said he would have someone come in and fix it; that also never happened.

He told us he would put floor boards in the kitchen because the flooring was curling up. It took him a good month and a half after we moved in to get someone out there to do that and it was ONLY because I literally had to call him every single day on it. He's the master of excuses. The handyman he sent in was a 'friend' of his from church named Steve.

He started getting a little personal right off the bat and told us that the house was in terrible shape and he can't believe Jack would put it on the market the way it was. He also told me that he turned to Jack one day and said "Jack, would you let your wife live in that house the way it is??" and Jack said, "I wouldn't let my wife or family live there." The house also had NOT been taken care of while it was empty. No pest control check ups, so when we moved in, the house had a bad infestation of roaches, spiders, ants and god knows what in the attic. We had to pay for the pest control every 3 weeks because Jack wouldn't.

The fridge that came with the house didn't work, so all of our food went bad including my baby's milk and it took him a couple of days to get us a new fridge. Once we set up our washer and dryer, it started flooding the living room through the kitchen wall and caused water damage because apparently the pipes were all clogged since they hadn't been cared for either. The house was SO filthy when we moved in that I wanted to throw up various times trying to clean it. The kitchen ALONE took me a week to make it halfway decent.

We found a crack pipe in our closet. There were bloody tampons in the bathroom. Mind you, this entire time I spend most of my time just trying to get a hold of him. He denies calls on purpose through his bluetooth headset all the time, but sometimes it doesn't actually disconnect the phone call so I hear him in the background bullshitting with his friends.

The night before we were moving out, he had to come by and do a walk through in the house so we could talk about our deposit being returned to us. He's known about this for weeks now, but wouldn't pick up his phone all day, as usual. I finally got a hold of him around 645pm and he sounds like he's at a party. He says "Hold on, it's very loud here I'm going to step outside for a minute so I can hear you better.

Give me a second". Then he hangs up on me or so he thinks. I kept hearing him talking with his buddies he was at a birthday party and I was on the phone for 28 minutes hearing him laugh and joke and talk about ray ban sunglasses and his friend Sean from Florida and etc etc etc Until my husband got upset and called him fro his own cell phone. When Jack answered, Jack apologized and said that the call must have dropped and he was trying to call me back that whole time and couldn't get through.

(which was a lie) My husband then let him know that he was lying because I could hear him on through the phone chit chatting away when he thought the line was disconnected. Jack got silent for a good 12 seconds and then just said, "oh, I didn't know that.". Jack Watts has ZERO phone etiquette. You call him and he picks up and starts talking like you are already mid conversation with him.

There's never a Hello or anything. SO unprofessional. When he knows that he is making too many excuses, he starts to get upset every time I call him. He gets sassy and annoyed as if I'M the one who is bothering him by trying to get him to DO HIS JOB!

We lived there for 4 and a half months then moved to Texas. I am now in my brand new home in El Paso still having to call Jack constantly (as he requested) to remind him to mail out my deposit check. WHY CAN'T HE JUST DO HIS JOB FOR ONCE! He's sticking to true form and making excuses about mailing me the check.

As expected.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN!YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like something from a typical tenant who didn't pay on time. A bunch of hearsay and unvarified bs to me.

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